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Platform Consulting Services

Get the strategic guidance and discipline you need to successfully complete your implementation.

  • Successful results and best practices
  • In-depth knowledge of varied techniques
  • Lifecycle support of your programme


Improve classroom learning or launch an online learning programme. Let us guide you through the decisions necessary to make your implementation a success.

Saa9vi Consulting and Training

Combining Your Expertise with Our Expertise

Whether you are building online learning from scratch, managing a new release, integrating existing programs, or driving to the next level of growth and adoption with Saa9vi technology, combining your expertise with our expertise across any or all of six Online Learning Focus Areas is a faster way to achieve your goals and increase quality.

Overview of Online Focus Areas

Strategic & Implementation Planning

Lay the foundation for online learning program adoption and success
Learning Administration Implementation & Performance Custom Applications Release Upgrade
Integrate student information as well as courses & assessments Design, manage and sustain high performing learning systems Adapt Saa9vi’s E-Campus to meet your unique needs Grow capability through successful upgrades

Effective Practices & Training

Learn more, learn faster from the experts

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Optimise your investment in the Saa9vi platform through a full suite of implementation, integration, architecture design and training services

Leverage Your Technology Investment

At Saa9vi Professional Services, we partner with campus leaders to determine educational and administrative needs. Then we develop logical pathways to meet them. Our Implementation Consultants work with faculty and support staff to develop use cases, align them to institutional needs, and tailor deployment and training initiatives. And to make sure you get the best results possible, we repeatedly measure outcomes against pre-defined success metrics.

Teaching And Learning Adoption And Expansion Administrative Services Release Upgrade
Implement a high performing online teaching and learning platform design to meet institutional goals. Deploy collaboration solution to largest possible group of users. Realize highest investment return. Leverage collaboration platform for meetings. administrative needs and student services. Expand capability through successful upgrades.


Aligning people, processes and technology with your institution’s educational vision.

Saa9vi Implementation Services

We developed our implementation services by working closely with our clients. Our goal is to help you maximize your investment. We’ll give you solutions that incorporate Saa9viship, education, and knowledge management to improve learning outcomes and help make your institution more competitive.

Saa9vi Web Conferencing Services

We understand the importance of delivering objective learning services solutions to all our clients. Throughout your Saa9vi Web Conferencing Services Core Team Training, we focus on developing a strong foundation for your Core Team to support your overall implementation of Saa9vi Web Conferencing.

Saa9vi Web Conferencing Technical Services

We can help your institution’s educational initiatives run more effectively and efficiently. Whether you’re implementing Saa9vi Web Conferencing for the first time, or optimizing existing solutions, upgrading or fine-tuning, we’ll provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

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Enable success with a holistic set of training services.

Platform Training: Make sure your team is able to take full advantage of your investment.
Pedagogical Training: Effective training practices, pedagogy and course design, on any platform.
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Online learning isn’t only about the classes you offer, but also the experience you provide. Our team of consultants, educators, and technologists will apply an educational approach to enhance your strengths, identify gaps, and develop new paths.

By leveraging not only our broad perspective on education, but also our deep experience in management consulting, we can offer your institution a unique set of skills. From the straightforward to the complex, we partner with you to engage, analyse, plan, and perform — always moving toward your vision.
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Leverage our breadth of resources and depth of experience. Leave the worrying to us. We’ll help you manage risk, growth, change, and uptime. By delivering technical expertise, scalability, and stability, we’ll provide the support you need to achieve more.As you grow, we scale by offering you four progressive levels of service to support your online programmes today, and as they grow over time.
Learn more about our tiered engagement plans.
To demonstrate our commitment to service and quality of product releases, we are pleased to offer the availability of a 99.9% uptime SLA with Saa9vi’s E-Campus.
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Blended or fully online programmes can help you reach more students, create new revenue streams, and solve capacity constraints. We’ll help you design, implement, and manage an effective online learning programme from start to finish.
Saa9vi comprehensive online programme management solutions maximise your flexibility and control in fulfilling your e-learning vision. While other providers offer a “one-size-fits-all” solution, Saa9vi offers fully customisable solutions that address the unique vision, needs and timelines of your institution.
Our approach allows you to dramatically increase the quality, scale, and economic impact of your online programmes—while reducing your institutional risks through a trusted partnership.