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E-commerce is the most popular business trend in our futuristic society, as most places are equipped with Internet and it is such a simple process to send payments anywhere in the world via Internet connection. Along with these technologies have risen hundreds of thousands of new digital web stores which sell both physical and digital products to one global marketplace

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Saa9vi Platform offers a plenty of exciting opportunities in the area of self-publishing for both types of writers – existing ones and prospective ones. Let’s explore these opportunities:

Talking to authors—and especially those authors whose books have already been published by big traditional publishers, we have seen the excitement and anticipation in the eyes of many authors when the subject of self-publishing comes up. 

The opportunity and freedom to publish what writers want, in the way they think that works best for them. Saa9vi platform helps returning of the power and influence to the actual creators of the content, where it should actually belong in the first place. That’s a radical shift to bring maximum benefits for the authors.

Many authors have made very little money from their books, and that has awakened a lot of writers to the harsh realities of this line of work. Earning 75% of royalties via self-publishing does not hurt as compared to receiving a small piece of the big pie for all the hard work.

Also, just think about all the books that don’t fit the traditional model and you’ll see what we mean, books:

• with topics that have a very small potential market
• unusual formats or experimental writing for which an audience has to be created
• works of odd lengths that don’t fit into the production necessities of publishers
• by authors who don’t have a “platform” or established audience
The business model of an individual author is completely different from the business model of a large corporation. That’s where self-publishing comes in.