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– As opposed to a traditional coaching center, there are no rents to pay, no utilities, no electricity bills, no infrastructure overheads; so as a tutor, you have huge money savings potential as you get to keep all of your hard earned money. No break-even point to meet unlike traditional coaching centers.

– Today technology has touched and changed our lives so much in every facet of our life! Mentors and students who can quickly adapt to on-line classroom coaching are going to succeed. Using Saa9vi Virtual Classroom technology helps save time leading to maximizing your earnings as the adage goes – “Time is Money” and Saa9vi virtual classroom will make you so much more efficient as you can teach directly from your house with no need to travel anywhere.

– saa9vi will provide you target segment of students with huge reach, whom you cannot even think of teaching today without virtual classroom technology as most of your followers and students can be widespread across the entire globe with no boundary restrictions.

– Parents will have peace of mind and will be willing to pay a little extra to you, as using this technology, they can keep an eye on their kids while they take online coaching from you.
This is a big win-win situation for both students and teachers/instructors. What are you waiting for? Great Opportunity is knocking at your door and at no cost to you – FREE REGISTRATION – Nothing to lose, but lots to gain.

This portal can be used by anyone – part time work, housewives, etc.  Numerous possibilities! Get your own private Coaching Room- Just sign up by clicking on the “Contact Us” menu on the top right hand side or send us an e-mail with your sign up credentials to [email protected].

Why Saa9vi Virtual Classroom and not Skype Or Any Other Video Conferencing Software?

Ease of use of Saa9vi Virtual Classroom is best in the business. You have to try it to find it out. You will feel as if you are in a traditional classroom. So many features to offer – record & playback, integrated voice over IP conferencing (VoIP) out-of-the-box, white-boarding, presentations and uploading of PDF or Microsoft office documents to present, zoom, pan, and keep students in sync, desktop sharing where a presenter can broadcast his or her desktop for all students to view, webcam where multiple users can share their web-cam simultaneously.

Why Saa9vi Virtual Classroom and not YouTube Learning Videos?

Saa9vi Virtual Classroom is very interactive and as you will also agree that teacher-student interactions are a must in order for coaching to be effective. Unlike YouTube learning videos, where you can only provide one-way communication by providing your comments, with Saa9vi Virtual Classroom, you can feel the learning environment in real-time thereby providing maximum learning benefits.