How To Add Introductory text

Just before looking at any particular course tool, note that it is possible to present a welcome message to a course. Click on the Add an introduction text icon below the Learner View button. A text editor appears…

Illustration 26: Course homepage – Introduction text

This feature, although very simple to use, is also very powerful: it can simply present a few words of introduction, but it also enables you to redesign the entire course homepage simply by hiding all the course tools and writing a large introduction text/page including icons with links to the course tools’ internal pages.

To do this :

  • hide all the tools (by clicking the eye, which must be closed and grayed)
  • right-click on any tool to which the learners need access
  • select Copy link location
  • left-click on Add an introduction text
  • place an introduction text (use the table tool , or an external HTML-editing tool if you wish, to position elements precisely) and a new icon/graphic representing the tool requiring access
  • click an icon to select it then click the link creation tool
  • « paste » the link that was saved a few steps before (CTRL-V should work just fine)
  • click the save intro text button

You now have an entirely personalized course homepage! The only remaining other visual elements are the header and the footer.