Support On Virtual Classroom

Prerequisite For Virtual Classroom:

Internet Connection:

For experiencing smooth operation of the Virtual Classroom, Internet Uploading & Downloading speed should be at least “512Kbps”.

Speed Test

Software Compatibility:

Your favourite latest version of Internet Browser like “Google Chrome” or “Mozilla Firefox”. Mobile users can use “Google Chrome (for html5 clinet)” or “Puffine Browser (for flash client)”.

Hardware Requirment:

1. Headset: Please use a headset with mic. to avoid causing noise for others.

Mic Test

2. Webcam: for face to face collaboration. Integrated or external both webcam are supported. If your laptop is not integrated with a webcam you can purchase any one having a good brand name.

Webcam Test

3. Pen Tablet: You and your computer in creative harmony. Sketch, draw, write and edit photos with a simply great pen experience. It couldn’t be easier to write on the virtual classroom presentation dock without it.

Videos Tutorial

Simply Transmit Your Regular Blackboard Lecture

Virtual Classroom Controls And User Managment


How Participant Can Join A Meeting

Step – 1st

1st copy and paste invite URL in your google chrome address bar and then press enter

Step – 2nd

Step – 3rd

Step – 4th

Step – 5th

Step – 6th