Flexible Work Schedule Between Work And Life

Be Your Boss And Set Your Own Flexible Work Schedule.

Employees value flexible work schedule so that they could balance work and non-work responsibilities. Flexible Work hours balance, between “work and life” which provides an individual with sufficient energy, time, and well-being to engage in other activities that promote his/her personal growth and also in enrichment. Flexible Work Schedule, control 3 dimensions between work and life: “work interference with personal life“, “personal life interferes with work“, and “work/personal life enhancement“.

Some Benefits

Adaptability Of Technology:

Flexible working hours gives the flexibility to trainers to meet their families need and the personal duties and life responsibilities. It’s also gives you the flexibility to complete their daily errands and take care of family members without any interference in the work.


Flexible work schedule can reduce transportation charges and wastage of time by commuting and travelling from home to workplace and vice versa.

Taking control over the schedule:

Great work satisfaction when they have personal control over their own work hours.

Flexible Work Schedule

Reduce stress:

As explained before, flexible work hours provides better work control. When overload work increases this leads to a reduction of workplace related stress.

Tutor satisfaction:

Flexible working hours providing the great teaching experience and makes the teachers happier than their fixed working schedule.

Less cost:

No investment, one on one tutoring is free.

Increased productivity:

By the flexible working hours you can focus on the core of your business.

More client support:

Flexible working hours are allowing you to take meeting and conference with students that are in a remote place because there is no restriction of time and space. The tutor can easily attend a conference with their followers directly from his house and such meetings are not only just confined to the conference halls of the coaching centers.

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