Make Money Online To Become A Online Tutor

Make Money Online

Whether you are in a Job or a Student you can make money online to become a online tutor. Only education sector is a path where you can get guaranteed profit. This is because the people want to educated. That’s why the education sector is the most civilisations and industrialisation sector.

The business opportunities in the education sector is very high. If any one who is serious about making money online, can convert his/her teaching calibre to money without any investment.

Make Money Online

Saa9vi is a freelancer job portal for online tutor, so by registering with us, you can make money online by offering text or multimedia content, live sessions of “one-on-one” or “group coaching classes” in almost any subject which can teach in a regular classroom.

If you’re working as a tutor in an institute and searching some part time teaching work, then you can be hired in a private coaching centre as an employee, independent contractor, or you can choose to open up your own home-based tutoring business with your own brand name. Tutors generally charge by the work/hour and can make money online anywhere from $7 – $80 per hour.

Actually in some how “make money” or “save money” are relative words. You are also in a profit, when you are saving money. So here are some points through which you can save money to become an online tutor.

Save money to become an online tutor

Saves time during travelling

It saves parents, students and tutor time, as well as transportation charges too. It’s just not a matter of time and money spend in travelling, it’s also provides the security during travelling.

Work From Home

What a great advantage of technology. You are teaching in a “Live Classroom” from home and your students are seated in a hostel or in a remote place.

Flexible Schedules

Make extra cash in your free time to become a freelance online tutor.

No setup cost

You need not to worry to spend huge amount on online (server cost) or physical infrastructure (construction cost), marketing, maintenance and employee’s salary. What you need to start with zero setup cost: just a computer with internet connection.

No boundaries

In a physical world business can’t generate the revenue  beyond the 10 to 20 k.m. But in online business there is no boundaries. You can approach remote students and teach them wherever they are.

No hidden costs include

We believe in a true and flexible business policies. That’s why we are providing free live one-on-one tutoring platform. Want to know more our business module visit to:

Make money online as an educator

Ok, why i mention the word “educator” in a title. Because an educator could have different roles in an education industry. He could be a teacher, writer, author, text or video content provider, self publishers etc.

Before going ahead, i think you need to understand the nature of the software’s, so that you could understand that which module of the software are best suited to you to make money online.

Short Description On Software’s

Learning Management System:

is a set of application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses or training programs. They help the instructor deliver content to the students, administer tests and other assignments, track student progress, and manage record-keeping.

Who can get benefit from LMS: Actually, all educators can get benefits from it. Suppose if you are a video content provider, then you can use “Documents Module” & “Learning Path Module” to organise your text and video content and request us to place it in eCommerce section to make money online.

Virtual Classroom:

A virtual classroom is a live and interactive online classroom where teachers and students can interact with each other in a same manner as they interact in a physical classroom. The only difference is that student sited in a remote place and the connecting media is a laptop over internet.

Who can get benefit from VC:  Who want to teach remote students. Like home tutor, freelance tutor, coaching centre, etc. Example: you are a self publisher and you are also taking tuition from your publishing, but you can approach only 10 to 20 km. Redial distance students. But you can also make money online to approach remote students who actually want to learn from the author of the book.

Example 2nd: You can use it, if you have two or more coaching centres in different locations.


offers the amazing benefit of making buying and selling products and services on the internet. E-Commerce portal act as a gateway for people across the globe to make these transactions at the click of a button.

Who can get benefit from it: Anyone who wants to sale their teaching and haring the services.

Start With No Investment

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