Frequently Asked Questions

Top Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any signing amount?


What do I need to be able to teach on-line?

There is no special hardware or operating system pre-requests, you can start with any device(Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Mobile) with a latest version of web browser like “Google Chrome”, “Mozilla Firefox” and use writing pad or any touch screen devices (like touch screen laptop, tablet etc.) to write on Virtual Classroom Board.

Internet Speed:

Trainer Side 1Mbps uploading and downloading speed.
Student Side 512 Kbps uploading and downloading speed.

external peripherals

Headset: Use a headset to avoid causing noise for others.
Pen Tablet: Use it to write on the Virtual Classroom Board. You can easily buy or find it at the online store. Search keyword “Pen Tablet” ref. product

Can I become a online tutor if I am a high school graduate?

Yes of course, you can help with a similar or lower grade students.

How much am I paid?

The platform builds for freelancer, decide yourself per hour or monthly rate which is acceptable to your followers and get paid straight into your own account.

What is my schedule and how often do I teach?

Again the platform builds for freelancer It’s totally up to you when and how often you want to teach.

Can I record my live session through Virtual Classroom?

Yes you can record your live and interactive Virtual Classroom sessions.

Can I sell my Notes or YouTube videos on your platform?

Yes you can, we have better tools to sell and deliver your content systematically. If your content readers have some doubt, you can meet them in a Virtual Classroom to elaborate your video or text content.

What type of security you provide in your platform?

Yes, recorded session through virtual classroom can’t be downloaded completely, only webcam part can be downloaded, whiteboard and chat session can’t be downloaded, * Recording function is available for members only.

What educational modules you providing?

Virtual Classroom For Live Interaction
In detail visit to
Learning Management System for multimedia content delivery
In detail visit to

How long i can keep my recorded session on your servers?

Well, right now you can’t keep your recording for a long time and it’s not scheduled when we delete recording from the servers. Actually Virtual Classroom Recording process is not a hardware friendly. It consumes lot of server resources. It would be better if you make a video of your recorded session by capturing your screen while you are in a live session. You can use “Kazam” in Linux or google “screen capturing” software for making videos of your live session. If recorded session is your higher priority you can purchase “Web Conferencing VPS Hosting Plans” or “Dedicated Web Conferencing Server” according to your need. You may visit plan and pricing page : to fulfill your requirements.

Can i transmit my regular blackboard session to one or more places?

Yes, you can transmit your regular blackboard session to remote places, what you need to do it just point to your webcam to blackboard and choose a “Video Chat or Web Meeting” layout from the right bottom corner of virtual classroom. For more detail watch the video tutorial.

How long my meeting session can be?

Default is 70 min. but you can reset it by clicking on clock inside the Virtual Classroom.

When & how I have to pay to you?

You are free to sign up in the LMS (i.e No charges against Learning Management System), we charge only against Virtual Classroom Group meetings, which is a “ video-conference” module in an LMS, but we charge only when you engage with your students or doing recording even you are alone (For practice purpose) in a virtual classroom, but we make no charge when you alone in a Virtual Classroom & capturing screen to make videos through screen capturing software installed in your own system.

How many attendees(learners) I can enrol in my courses?

You can enrol as many students as you can in your LMS courses, but you can make a group of 25 attendees to attend a live session. For higher requirement please drop a mail at or buy “Dedicated Web Conferencing Server” plans. More detail visit to

How i can drop my account?

To do so, in a LMS portal ( under the account profile you can click on “unsubscribe” button.

Can i use your payment gateway to charge from the students?

No, sorry sir/madam, If you want to receive electronic payment from your students you can create your own account on “PayPal” or you can use any other online payment gateway, like “Google Pay”.

Can we conduct two or more live session simultaneously if we are a part of educational organisation?

Yes your organisation can create multiple live meeting rooms on the same time. Each meeting room will be isolated to other teacher’s meeting room.